Car Freshie Refill Bundle

Car Freshie Refill Bundle

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The all time favorite accessory in the shop - car freshies. Refill sprays come in packs of two so that you won't have to stock up again for a while. We are constantly restocking, but this is such a hot item sometimes we have a hard time keeping everything in stock. Feel free to reach out if you have tried several times to buy a refill + we haven't had your scent to let us know! Xo.

PRAIRIE: Smells like lemongrass. 

AMAZING GRACE: Smells like clean florals with a slight musk scent. 

RANCH HAND: Smells like a clean, freshly showered man. 

LEATHER: Smells like you just walked into a boot or saddle shop. 

SOUTHERN SUMMER: Smells like a mix of lemon + honeysuckle.

CACTUS + DEWBERRY: Smells like succulent notes of cactus + layered with fresh florals, then sweetened with agave sugar [ a customer favorite ].

LEATHER + LACE: Smells like fresh tanned leather + a hint of summer saddle soap [ a customer favorite]

COWBOY: Smells like a man, a really nice man - before a date. 


TIP: freshies last longer if you take them down, fully soak them + let them dry before you hang them back up.