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Car Freshie Scent Bottles [FOR HAIR ON TAGS ONLY]

Car Freshie Scent Bottles [FOR HAIR ON TAGS ONLY]

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This oil is for use with HAIR ON TAGS ONLY. You can find both styles of these hair on hide car freshies here + here



+ Amarillo by Morning [my favorite, best seller]: a mix of leather and cozy men’s cologne. Imagine what George Strait would smell like out on the dance floor. That’s it.  
+ Baja Cactus Blossom [best seller]: a mix of cactus flower with bergamont, cactus stems, with slight coconut + soft woodsy scent. 
+ King George: a blend of leather, night ice, + vanilla. so dreamy!
+ Night Ice: like black ice, but better [jon’s words about it]