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Livin' the Dream [Car Freshie Bundle]

Livin' the Dream [Car Freshie Bundle]

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Livin' the Dream Bundle is part of our custom car freshies lineup that is made specifically for NRB + designed up by owner, Paige . Each bundle includes one tag + one refill spray, so it will last you a longgggg time. Trust me here!


CACTUS + DEWBERRY : Succulent notes of cactus + pear nectar are layered with fresh florals + sweetened with agave sugar.

LEATHER + LACE : Fresh tanned leather enhanced with the massage of summer saddle soap. [best seller]

COWBOY: A man ready for a night out on the town. 

LEATHER: Not as popular as our leather + lace, but just as it sounds! Smells like leather!

SWEET WOOD [sandalwood]: A sweet and floral blend of violet and jasmine with hints of soft musk and wood.

VOLCANO: notes of tropical fruits & sugared citrus, the Volcano scent is familiar and inviting, fresh and powerful.