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Pearl, Girl // Oversized Crewneck

Pearl, Girl // Oversized Crewneck

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THE PEARL GIRL CREWNECK If you have followed my story at all, Pearl, the Airstream is what started it all for me. I knew as soon as I came up with the mobile boot business idea, that I wanted to do it from an Airstream. My dad tried to convince me to split a box trailer with him so we could share it. I vividly remember telling him, if I am going to quit my job + pursue my dream business, it is going to be out of an Airstream. There was absolutely no changing my mind, for good reason. 

I remember my dad driving home with Pearl in tow behind us. I was GIDDY. She was part of the early vision + the fact that she is still a part of my story makes me so incredibly happy. She's quirky. She's imperfect. We have been THROUGH some adventures and tough times. When thinking of my new merch collection, I just knew we needed an ode to Pearl. 

Here's to life on the road. Here's to adventures ahead. Here's to following your heart + sticking to your vision. Like they say, it isn't about making it to your destinations it is the journey on the way that holds miles and miles of memories. 


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+ Screenprinted by Hand 7 Miles from our Headquarters